Below you will find an ever-growing selection of Web 2.0 tools, strategies, class ideas and lesson plans. Some of these were created through the original project team but others have been contributed by teachers and trainers from across Europe. Now we'd like to add YOUR content to this resource. Please visit our Resource Forum page and contribute a resource or join a discussion. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

My Script Calculator for iPad and iPhone

MyScript Calculator won the Mobile App Showdown at CES 2013!!

MyScript© Calculator performs mathematical operations naturally using your handwriting.


Submitted by S Turner, Teacher

Cost: Free


Submitted by Helen Brothers, Teacher, UK

Quizlet provides a way to find out or create what you need to learn using a variety of study tools and games, useful for learning definitions or for language learning.  Quizlet was developed in 2005 by a 15 year old student. MOre than 12 million students now use it every month.


Submitted by Dave Gardener, Teacher, UK

Dropbox - – is the most popular cloud storage service. Take a look at this video which explains more about it. Or take the text tour.

Key features of Dropbox, therefore are:

Web 2.0 Apps Useful in Education

Below are a few Web 2.0 applications which are very popular amongst teachers across the world in the classroom and helping to aid the learning process. This is just a starter which we will add to over the course of the program. I will try to ensure that the Web 2.0 applications which are listed are relevant to the program.

Lesson Plan - Twitter

Teaching comprehension with Twitter.

Using the media and restrictions of Twitter o help pupils demonstrate comprehension in literature

Lesson Plan - LitPic

Teaching Poetry through PicLits and Google Docs

Class: Languages

This lesson aims to make the teaching of poetry – creation and comprehension – more enjoyable, more individual and more entertaining.

Lesson Plan - Blogging

Teaching English or Irish through blogging

Class: English/Irish (but can be reused for any other language)

This lesson aims to make the English and Irish lessons more interactive, more collaborative and to introduce group/peer assessment and group/individual reflective practice into the classroom.

Lesson Plan - Dipity - Fun with Timelines

Teaching Science through Dipity

Class: Science (but can be reused for any subject)

This lesson attempts to bring the characters and timelines of scientific discovery alive for the students of the subject through the use of multimedia timelines that they create for themselves.

Get inspired to write a book with Storybird

A gorgeous tool, Storybird combines images and text to tell a story via an ebook; beautifully presented stories which can be read online, shared or printed. Students can either be inspired by hundreds of high quality artists illustrations in a range of styles or choose one to suit their story idea.

It can be used to encourage creative writing, developing literacy or as a tool within modern foreign language and childhood studies classes.

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Access leading thoughts and ideas with

TED is a nonprofit devoted to ideas worth spreading. And what ideas they are. Some of the world's leading thinkers present their thoughts and ideas in 18 minutes and streams them for free. Whatever your and your students interests are there, will be talks that will engage and inspire.
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iPads in Schools

RTE, the national television broadcaster in Ireland, visited the eFuture class in Collinstown Community Park College to record students and teachers sharing their experience using iPads instead of books as part of the eFuture programme.

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