Submitted by Helen Brothers, Teacher, UK

Quizlet provides a way to find out or create what you need to learn using a variety of study tools and games, useful for learning definitions or for language learning.  Quizlet was developed in 2005 by a 15 year old student. MOre than 12 million students now use it every month.

Quizlet offers 6 different study modes as shown in this screenshot from the How it works page at the Quizlet site. This includes the familiar Flashcard approach. By clicking on See it in action under each item, you will be able to view a short video explaining each of the study modes (as per above).

You can browse the Quizlet sest available by category (e.g. History and Geography > French Revolution) or you can create your own sets.

To create a set

  • Select the Create icon on the top of the  Quizlet screen, or go to Create.
  • The following screen will appear.  Add information about your study set in the top area, and your terms in the bottom area. You will need to create at least two terms before your set can be created.  This might be the translation of a word, or the definition of a word.
  • You will then need to create a (free) account; you can sign up with your Facebook account
  • Your set will then be created, and have the same format as the the others on the site – for you or others to use.

Using Quizlet in the classroom
Quizlet.com has become a great resource for me to use in my classes. For each of the courses that I teach, there is appropriate vocabulary. To make sure that the students are learning the proper terminology, and that they are engaged in the study of vocabulary, using technology is a good choice. Traditional methods of vocabulary study converted to digital and on-line applications will give students another level of enrichment in their learning. It will provide them with a tool that creates more lively, interactive, and enriching experience with course vocabulary.

For students who have an iPhone or an iPod touch, Quizlet provides an app that students can add to study their cards ‘on-the-go’. Students can then access and download all the sets that you or they create right to their iPhone