Submitted by S Turner, Teacher

Website: www.learni.st
Cost: Free

Learnist has a similar look and feel to Pinterest, except that with Learnist, users create Learn Boards, and unlike Pinterest, which arranges the pinned items randomly on a board, Learnist lets the Learn Board owner organize the sequence of their items – or “learnings” as they are referred to – to  provide a logical presentation through the content. This makes i a more useful classroom tool that Pinterest.

The Learnist homepage features some good examples of Learn Boards in different categories. And of course you can search for Learn Boards on any topic of interest. Here are some other good examples:

On a Learn Board the learnings are display in numerical order in a column on the left (as shown in the screenshot).

If you click the title of a learning, however, the Board will then move into “presentation mode”.  The screen will display the learning in question, with the Learnist banner at the top., and you can then work through the learnings, page by page using the arrow keys (as in the screenshot below).

Setting up a Learn Board

  1. Click + Add on the banner at the top of the screen, and a box will appear, where you can select Create a new board. A further box wil appear, where you can add the information about your new board.  Note: that you can also add Collaborators - others with whom you will manage the Board.
  1. Your new Board will appear, which includes instructions how to add learnings, ie by using the add button, or by putting the Learn It! button on your browser toolbar so that you can add links as you browse the web, or by using the “re-add” link to add learnings from other Boards.
  1. When you add a link, you will be asked to select an image from the site itself that Learnist presents to you. But if you don’t like the images that it finds, then there are a number of other options, for selecting an image, e.g. by doing a Google search, by pasting an image link  or even by uploading your own image.
  1. Once you’ve added the image, the next box will ask you for a short description of the site, after which the content will be added to your Board.

Adding special learning types

You can add, and embed special types of content on your Learn Board. This includes embedding videos (from YouTube and Vimeo), Google Maps, presentations on Slideshare as well as documents on Scribd. FInd out more on this here: Special learning types on Learnist

See the infographic below for uses of Learnist in the classroom.