Project Outputs

   1. Research report on ICT and Youth at Risk

This research paper explains concepts of providing ICT based learning, focusing on new opportunities and describing the needs of the project target group – Youth at Risk. Data analysed in the report comes from a survey carried out in the first months of the project with teachers and students from Lithuania, Ireland, Spain and the UK. Overall 312 students and 67 teachers from schools, colleges and a university took part in it. The outcomes of the survey paint an interesting picture of the trends, practices in the use of ICT, Web 2.0 and mobile technologies and the extent to which they are used by teachers and students in the teaching and learning.

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    2. ICT Model for Education Providers

The ICT model is a set of guidelines on what Web 2.0 and mobile learning technologies as well as different pedagogic approaches work best in meeting different needs of Youth at Risk. It will allow teachers to create classes/lessons/modules in an understood style incorporating delivery method, content and learning behaviours.

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    3. eFuture Programme on Life and Work Skills 

The programme is made of pick-and-mix modules that mainstream education and training providers can implement into existing programmes to transform engagement and learning outcomes for Youth at Risk.
This Programme introduces a variety of methods in which new technologies can play a part in their learning and employability prospects whilst also providing them with skills and techniques for seeking or acquiring employment

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    4. Teacher Resources

A range of teacher/teaching resources many to support and supplement the delivery of the eFuture Programme. There are a wealth of these to be explored throughout this site - both from the original project team but also from interested and engaged educators who have shared their tips with us.

You can see a range of online resources here and you can access a series of resources in pdf book format from the link below.

    5. 5 Steps to Success

An online app for young people helping them to find out what career is right for them and how to get the job they want.