eFuture Work Programme

“Alternative options to the basic academic route are fundamental in terms of giving those most at risk a clear pathway with achievable goals. Programs that force individuals to stay in formal academic education may lead to more harm than good”
The Early Bird… Preventing Young People from becoming a NEET statistic, 2011

This programme has been conceived and designed by the eFuture Project - an EU funded project which aimed to experiment with and understand the potential impact of the use of Web 2.0 and mobile technologies as tools for teaching, learning and re-engagement of those in danger of NEET.

It is believed that use of these technologies in the classroom may help to re-engage Youth at Risk as they utilise the tools that 21st Century young people are familiar and comfortable with. Alongside that, this programme refocuses teaching methodologies - encouraging the teacher to become more of a “mentor and guide” rather than the traditional “sage on the stage”.

Finally, this programme has been designed to address specific skills and strategies that a young person in danger of becoming NEET will find useful - whether they continue in education or begin their journey into employment and that will serve to boost confidence and self-awareness.

For those who would like to look more closely at the subject of NEET Youth we recommend the books “NEET Young People and Training for Work: Learning on the Margins” by Robin Simmons and “Key Issues in Education and Social Justice” by Emma Smith.

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