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About the E-future Project

About the project

Every European country has a group of "youth left behind". They are mainly young people who never fully engaged with a formal path of education, they may come from an immigrant background and/or live in disadvantaged areas.

Their situation has become even more difficult with the economic crisis that currently affects many countries in Europe. Youth at Risk are now experiencing multiple barriers to accessing either the labour market or staying engaged in education and are at a high risk of the exclusion from the EU labour market.

It is believed that the use of new technologies, especially online and mobile, may help to re-engage Youth at Risk - opening new channels in traditional education - rather than the "chalk and talk" sessions that may be one of the reasons they are becoming disengaged.

The use of these technologies is also part of the modern world of work and employment. They open up avenues for job-seeking, information etc. but they also add to the student's skill sets and may help them in future employment and/or training environments.

Project Outputs

Research report on ICT and Youth at Risk

This research paper explains concepts of providing ICT based learning, focusing on new opportunities and describing the needs of the project target group – Youth at Risk. Data analysed in the report comes from a survey carried out in the first months of the project with teachers and students from Lithuania, Ireland, Spain and the UK. Overall 312 students and 67 teachers from schools, colleges and a university took part in it. The outcomes of the survey paint an interesting picture of the trends, practices in the use of ICT, Web 2.0 and mobile technologies and the extent to which they are used by teachers and students in the teaching and learning.


Project Partners

Fast Track to Information Technology (Ireland)
City College Norwich (UK)